Dear Students,


My name is Sandy Beeche. I live in Traverse City, MI and I need your help. The Vanishing Construction Company (VCC) has started its plan to cut 100 acres of trees to make room for The Uppity Resort. The director of the VCC, Mrs. Cuttatree does not care about the beautiful owls that live in the forest community. She says that we are making a big deal about lousy owls and that the forest is big enough for the owls that live there. She feels that humans are more important than a bunch of trees, owls, and stupid insects. 


I am worried that if Mrs. Cuttatree gets her way, not only will owls disappear, but that the entire forest ecosystem will collapse. Would you please help me explain to her the role of the different owl species in the forest, and what happens if only one species disappears? Perhaps if you all write a letter from the perspective of an owl living in the forest, explaining its role in the ecosystem, and provide her with enough evidence that proves how important each one is, we can convince her that building the Uppity Resort is a bad idea.



Sandy Beeche

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